Julia Rocks Skin Care Studio- Permanent MakeupPermanent makeup, permanent solution for people who hate to put on make-up or hate to be seen without it. ­ Permanent Cosmetics, the look of permanent makeup, ranges from nearly undetectable natural color to softly dramatic. A complimentary consultation will show you how you will look with permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, or lip color.

Natural looking, professionally applied permanent cosmetics are a perfect solution for enhancing minimal brows or eyelashes. It’s also a great solution for contact lens wearers, gals with limited dexterity or sensitivity to conventional makeup, sports enthusiasts, or simply for people who want to look their best…always.

Among the most popular applications are:

Eyeliner – applied among the eyelashes at their base, giving the appearance of darker, fuller lashes without a visible line.

Eyebrows – applied with hair-like strokes or an underlying base of color commonly known as a brow highlight.

Lipliner – lips can be made to look more voluptuous, more symmetrical or slightly smaller.

Find out if permanent makeup is for you. Call for a complimentary consultation. Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Permanent Makeup Special:  $100 off any permanent makeup procedure:  eyes, lips and/or eye brows. (now thru May, 2018)

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